Viewing notes

This page was built from the ground up by a data scientist – not a web developer – so please excuse the minimalism and any minor bugs you might encounter!

This page is responsive by design and will adapt to the size of your screen. However, the interactive figures, which are built using the R package Plotly, have a minimum width at which they behave as intended. If viewing on a very small screen, static images will be displayed instead. If you would like to view the interactive figures, please view the site on a larger screen. If using a mobile phone, viewing in landscape mode should work – just reload the site when you've switched to landscape.

The interactive figures can be zoomed, panned, and filtered. More information may be presented when hovering over (or touching) parts of the data. Additional controls and instructions can be found at the top of each figure.

If you encounter any major issues please email CDSIRC at