The fifteenth annual report of the Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee is now available to read in full.

Notably, in 2019, the number of deaths of children and young people was the lowest recorded for fifteen years.

Issues raised in reviews the Committee has undertaken in 2019–20 reflect its concerns for those children and young people who are most vulnerable, including the need for collaborative inter-agency practice to reduce the risk of infants dying suddenly and unexpectedly in vulnerable families.

The Committee continues to pursue effective ways to influence service systems and share the knowledge and understanding gained from its analyses and reviews of child deaths. In the coming months, the Committee will release a series of interactive blog posts which will supplement the analyses presented in this report, and facilitate activities aimed to prevent child deaths and serious injuries.

The Committee extends its sympathy to all those families, friends and the communities who have lost a child. We trust that this report will assist the efforts of those who work to keep children and young people safe.

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